Sunday, December 22, 2019

Alleviating The Laidback Behavior Of A Loafer - 761 Words

Response 1 Oluwatoyin to Hedy Alleviating the laidback behavior of a loafer in a group setting is crucial for shared responsibilities and tasks completion in the group. Also, lack of effort from a group member like Brian can be frustrating and can elicit the sucker effect among partners of a social loafer (Simms Nichols, 2014). Various social loafing studies have examined the antecedents and preventions of social loafing with variables such as the effect of personal effort, motivation, the group size and expectations (Simms Nichols, 2014). Each variable examined revealed that people who are well motivated in completing an assigned tasks are more likely to engaged in social facilitation when they are part of a group (Voyles, Durik, Bailey, 2015). Also, people tends to contribute less personal effort and accountability to group tasks, when they feel that their individual efforts have little or no impact on the outcome of a group project (Voyles, Durik, Bailey, 2015). If Brain assumes that his effort in the grou p is not essential to the team outcome, personally he assumes a lesser role and expect someone else to take action on task. Also, this diffusion of responsibility is experienced in the bystander effect where individuals have the tendency to decline rendering assistance to a person in trouble when other bystanders are present. Hence, motivating Brain by verbalizing the uniqueness of his contribution to the group can deter him from engaging in social loafing.

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